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To conserve, study, reproduce and reintroduce to their natural habitat, species that are threatened and / or in danger of extinction, both native and exotic, as well as train and educate the population for their conservation.


FAE is a foundation of the private non-profit initiative, whose primary objectives are the protection, reproduction and reintroduction of threatened animals or those in danger of extinction, promoting research, education and awareness to the population for the conservation of the species. The acronym FAE stands for "Foundation for the Protection of Endangered Animals" (according to its acronym in Spanish).

Agreement of the Ministry of the Interior 169-2000 published in the Diario de Centro América on Dec 6, 2000, recognizes the legal personality of the foundation and approves its statutes.


It started in the 1990s by Víctor Ramón Giordani Campollo, a young Guatemalan man who developed his dream with great interest in wild and endangered species.

As the number of animals grew, it turned its insipient collection of wild animals into a foundation approved and recognized by the Government of Guatemala and its agency dedicated to the conservation of protected areas, CONAP.

The Foundation for the Protection of Endangered Animals (FAE) was founded in 2000. Two decades later, it became the largest sanctuary and rehabilitation center in the country for endangered species from Guatemala. "


Our reserve is located in a territorial extension of 335 hectares in the municipality of Livingston, department of Izabal in the northeastern region of Guatemala. The Department of Izabal is characterized by having a warm tropical climate, it has the largest biological diversity in the country.

Its magnificent nature and ecological variety is organized in an ecosystem made up of tropical meadows, lush jungles, mangrove swamps, lakes, rivers, reefs and coasts.

FAE is located at Km 265 of the route that leads to Río Dulce, Livingston, in the department of Izabal

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